When I saw the cover to this week’s TIME, I knew that I had to read it:


It’s all about millennials which I love reading about… mostly because I am one and I think it’s interesting how we are cast in the media. If you aren’t familiar, we are the group of people — well kids (I don’t think of myself as old, yet) — who were born between 1980 and 2000. We are called a lot of things, but most people think that we are selfish and only think of ourselves.

It’s intriguing to learn about how different generations have similar qualities just based on the time of when they grew up… and also how much our parents influenced us. Of course, it’s a big stereotype and isn’t necessarily right about everyone… but the qualities are shocking. And I feel like I reflect most of them quite well.

We are called entitled, selfish, lazy,¬†narcissistic, but we are also known to be extremely caring for those in need, creative,¬†entrepreneurial and hardworking — when we have a reason to be. The narcissistic quality is what TIME focused on in its article and I think it’s really interesting. I never thought of myself as that — but I guess with the number of pictures I post online and the fact that I have a blog, it can be perceived that way.

The best part of the article was how it was saying that we still rely on our parents to help us make decisions in our lives. While I was reading the magazine, I was actually waiting for a call back from my dad for advice about something. So typical.

Speaking of generations, I absolutely love hearing what old people say. That’s not meant to be creepy and it probably sounds like it is.

This morning on my run, I heard the best conversation ever by these two old guys. They were out for a walk, the one guy — to the other guy, who had stopped — said, “What are you doing?” The guy responded, “Look, I found 40 cents!” He was so pumped. Ah, it’s the small things.

I hope everyone has a great day at Fit Blog NYC today! I am so bummed that I am unable to make it… but I will live vicariously through you all.


Do you think you fit the stereotype of your generation? What do you think about millennials — are we as bad as they say?¬†

What’s the best conversation you’ve overheard lately?

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