The Brooklyn Half Marathon is tomorrow! This is the third year that I will be running this race.

New York Road Runners is making this event bigger and perhaps better than before. The “expo” certainly was. Instead of just dropping by their office in the Upper East Side, packet pick up was in DUMBO.

They had a huge celebration and it was a beautiful night for it!

Plus you can’t forget the views…


Over the years, I’ve learned some things from running this race. Some tips for the 24,999 people who will be joining me on the streets of Brooklyn tomorrow:

  • Add 15 minutes to your commute time. I love Brooklyn and all (duh, we live here) but sometimes transit here, especially early in the morning on a weekend, can be difficult. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get here, especially if you are taking public transportation. That way you can make sure you aren’t running to the start.
  • Don’t start out too fast! It’s so tempting to start out fast on this course because you start out on flat roadways. Of course, you want to go out a little fast so you can set into a good pace and get past the people in your corral that aren’t at your speed, but make sure its comfortably fast.
  • Take the hill one step at a time. For anyone who has run through Prospect Park, you know that there is that big hill… this is a few miles into the race. There’s still several miles to go, so don’t overwork yourself on this hill. Take it one step at a time and power up it as best as you can. Think about the downhills you can look forward to after it!
  • Look forward to Ocean Parkway… and for the shade. Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful early summer day and the half is early enough in the morning where it won’t be absurdly hot. But it can get toasty running down Ocean Parkway. Don’t be scared to veer into the shade, which is generally right near the curb. Claim this as your own. It will be a much pleasant last few miles.
  • Push that last .5 miles. The last .5 miles are awesome in this race. Lots of crowds and cheering and you start to see the sights of Coney Island! Suddenly you are turning left, than right, to finish on the boardwalk. Such a cool experience. Enjoy every second of it!
  • Enjoy the views. I know we are all crazy busy and have a million things to do, but take a moment to enjoy the views of Coney Island… the ocean looks clean and crisp, and I love seeing the boardwalk packed. Coney Island is a place that has stood the test of time and its so cool to see it in action in today’s world.


And of course, all I can really say is… HAVE FUN! Enjoy every step of the journey… 🙂


Any other half marathon tips?

Who’s running a race this weekend?! Tell me about it!

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