So I did two really bad things to prepare for this race… 1) did not rest the night before and 2) tried an entirely new outfit on race day. Both worked out well.

C is a huge dance music fan so I go with him to concerts… you know, being the good wife. I don’t mind the music and do enjoy listening to it. Plus it’s fun to dress up in crazy costumes…

…and I love that there’s this whole underground exchange thing with “kandi”…


But, that being said, it’s probably not the best way to prepare for a half marathon. When we walked in last night, the woman that checked me in said “you look ready to party” and I told her that I had a half marathon in the morning. She probably thought I was crazy. We ended up leaving the festival around 11 so I was in bed by 12:30… not bad. But super sore feet.

Now to my outfit. I bought this really cute running skirt from Victoria’s Secret’s new sport line a few months ago and I am antsy to finally wear it. So I decided to go for it, along with a tank from Ellie (with a funky sports bra from Target underneath).

Let me tell you, I was so happy that I decided to take the plunge and wear this outfit. It was PERFECT. And the skirt fit amazingly, no riding or bunching or anything. Same with the tank — it’s made of spandex and fit really nice.

This year, NYRR really outdid themselves with the Brooklyn Half. They put on a spectacular pre-race party for packet pick up and they expanded the field to 25,000 people. I was a little skeptical about this because their races can be really crowded and now you are nearly doubling the field? But I think they staggered people in the corrals really well so it wasn’t overly crowded. There were a few times where I was boxed in, but nothing like other races I’ve ran.

The best thing about the Brooklyn Half Marathon is that most of it is run right in my own neighborhood. You run about three miles on the streets before you enter the park, and from there you do one loop. I love this part. I know how to run this hill, I know where to enjoy the downhills. LOVE.

Then you head out of the park and go down Ocean Parkway for about 5 miles. This is so-so. It gets boring after awhile because you are just going straight. At mile 9, I couldn’t see that timer — I’m not sure if someone did this on purpose or not. I started doubting myself, convincing myself that I was running too slow to even be close to my PR and basically breaking down. When I hit mile 10, I saw I could definitely PR — and instead of slowing down, I was maintaining and most likely going a little faster. This huge lack of confidence is something I never realized was an issue… more on that later.

Seeing mile 12 was a great moment, and I felt myself pick it up a little bit more. I was off from PRing by close to a minute and I wasn’t sure if I could do it… but why not try? Suddenly we were headed to the boardwalk to the finish… and I saw my time: 1:42.41 (OK, it took some math for me to calculate… it took nearly 7 minutes for me to cross the start). It wasn’t a PR, but it was close. The closest I’ve been in awhile.

It makes me wonder… if I had a “rest” night yesterday, would I have finally broken 1:40? Not that I would take back our night last night because it was a lot of fun… but I will get there.


Did you run a race today? Did you run Brooklyn? What did you think? Any PR’s?

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