Yesterday one of the top things on my to do list was to read the stack of magazines that I had in the kitchen. I love subscribing to magazines but have a hard time finding the time to sit down and read them. My favorites are Real Simple and Runner’s World but I also subscribe to Self (thanks to some airline miles expiring).

Interesting fact in Self:

I definitely see how that can happen. It definitely helps to keep me accountable when I say I am going to run a certain distance or do something in the next day. Because I don’t want to look like a huge slacker if it doesn’t happen.

And speaking of being a huge slacker. I decided to reunite with an old friend:

One of my unwritten goals for the year was to start jump roping at least once a week. Jump roping has a lot of great benefits for runners. From an old Runner’s World article:

“Fast feet are as important as fast hands for boxers, so they’ve jumped rope for centuries to develop this skill,” says Ross Enamait, a boxing trainer in Vernon, Connecticut. “Jumping rope also helps runners be light on their feet.” Quick jumping helps increase stride frequency and leads to greater muscle endurance, aerobic conditioning, and power, says Enamait.


The article says that jump roping can be tough at first… and boy, is it! I feel like my legs have lost their spring. Too much distance training and not enough short bursts and sprints. I really want to try to knock out some 5Ks this summer but think my legs need some work before that happens.

I set the time for five minutes and went at it. Oh no, don’t be impressed by that number. I ended up taking breaks every 45 seconds or so, partially because my calves were killing me and also because if you don’t use a jump rope for six months, the curls are really hard to get out and it tangles quite a bit. Another good reason to quit being such a slacker.


Do you find that Twitter keeps you motivated? 

What is your favorite way to keep your legs fresh? 

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