Today was an impromptu rest day. I was a big slacker… I remember hearing the alarm go off, wake back up at 6:25 and realize I didn’t have enough time to squeeze out a run, so I went back to sleep.


I used to beat myself up about missing a day when I planned to run, but honestly… it happens. And it is usually a sign that your body needs some extra rest anyways. I was planning on having tomorrow as a rest day, so instead… I’ll enjoy a nice rainy run. Funny thing is, I used to hate running in the rain. And then Ragnar came around and I really had no choice… and finally I realized that it is pretty fun. Minus the whole getting squishy shoes part.

It bums me out that this entire weekend is supposed to be rain, rain and more rain. I don’t mind the chillier temperatures (it keeps our apartment cool!) but rain is no fun to deal with in New York City. I do think that we can officially declare it the start of summer for one reason…

Watermelons have taken over the grocery store! I don’t know who’s more excited to finally have the first watermelon of the season, me or Jax. I think that it is one of my favorite things about summer.

Speaking about favorite foods, I am still working on The Plan. I am almost through the second phase. I’ve mixed it up a little bit and decided to start testing foods that I eat more than others. I am starting to realize that I think I have a problem with dairy… I need to test it a bit more, but sad face. I tested cheese on its own and that was fine, but when it’s combined with more dairy? No bueno.

And since this is a random brain dump, I have to share this awesome quote from Kara Goucher:

That’s the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is.



Do you like to run in the rain? Why or why not?

FAVORITE summer food? 


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