Um so remember how I was going to run this morning, even if it was raining? I am a huge slacker and didn’t do it.

Somehow, I ended up sleeping until 11 a.m. 11! I haven’t slept that long in such a long time. And let me tell you… it felt so good to wake up and not be tired.

I may get a run in this afternoon, otherwise tomorrow is supposed to be a better weather day so I’ll definitely be hitting the streets. It feels so weird that it is Memorial Day weekend and it is cold and rainy. Like cold enough to break out winter jackets again cold…

Despite that, we are officially declaring that it is summer here. Ift was time to cut my finger really bad chop up the watermelon.


I now have four bandaids on my finger. Oops.

Did you hear Runner’s World is going streaking again?


I tried this last year and miserably failed. Mostly because my foot started hurting and I got freaked out that I was going to get injured really bad. I am debating about doing it again but I’m not sure if streaking is the best for my body.


What do you think about streaking? Good or bad?

Tell me about your run today! Anyone racing? 

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