One of my favorite things about having time off work for a holiday is the fact that I have more time to cook in the kitchen. Yesterday I started the day off with a new recipe for pancakes — apple cinnamon:

They were pretty good, although time intensive (you have to let the batter sit for at least 30 minutes). This is the first time that I made pancakes without trusty old Bisquick.

And then I completed the master of all baking projects. A few weeks ago, the people at Sincerely Nuts contacted me about trying some of their product. They are known for having really fresh nuts for good prices… definitely worth checking out. Anyways, I decided to go for pecans — and knew the perfect recipe to try them out:

I am so happy that this thing turned out because ohmygosh it was soo time intensive! Apple pies are so much easier.

Oh yeah, and another first… we watched the first Star Wars yesterday.

{apparently, he’s more of a Star Trek fan}

Remember how that was one of my 2013 goals? Yep. Can proudly say it’s 1/6 of the way checked off the list. It really is amazing how well they did with costumes, considering it was made back in the 70s. C3PO is the most interesting character, I’m not sure if I like him or hate him.

Anyways, back to reality today. I ran my usual five mile loop and finished up the workout with five minutes of jump roping. Seriously, why am I so bad at jump roping?! I will not be doing it in public anytime soon.

No really… it is seriously that painful.


Try any new recipes lately? Tell me about them!

Are you a Star Wars fan? Favorite character?

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