I love small businesses, and I love small businesses even more when they are created by people that I know.

One of my friends from high school has started his own business, Oppermacher. (For you non-Midwestern folks, it’s pronounced ah-per-mah-ker)

We’ve all been at a ballgame, playground, tavern and seen … that shirt. The shirt that makes you chuckle. The shirt that makes you nod at its owner and say “Nice! Where’d you get that?” The shirt that you need to have.

Oppermacher makes those shirts.

We’re sports fans first and foremost, so most of our shirts are sports-themed. But we’re also Wisconsin born and bred, so there’s brats, beer and cheese on our shirts too.


You may have heard of them after that really really really really (did I mention really?) bad call at the Packer game in 2012 by replacement officials.

They made this super sweet shirt and made headlines for it! Amazing.

Anyways, Oppermacher sent me a shirt to try out a few weeks ago and it’s my favorite.

I love the color and it’s super comfy… plus I love the front pocket. It is totally a light, summer hoodie.


And… the folks at Oppermacher want to send you one of their super special shirts! Who’s in?!


To enter, comment with the answer to this question [mandatory]:

What’s your favorite way to enjoy summer sunshine? 

Extra entries can be earned by (remember, leave separate comments for each one otherwise they will be counted as one entry):

Giveaway will end on Monday, June 3 at 11:59 p.m. ET. I will announce the winner on Tuesday!

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