Shocker alert: My flight yesterday was severely delayed back to New York City.

Yeah, not really a shocker. Pretty sure this is becoming the norm every time I travel. My flight on Friday was so easy so I should have expected that something would happen today. We found out from our pilot that there was a ground delay in NYC because the airports were over capacity? Which just doesn’t make sense to me… don’t book so many flights then? Or build a bigger airport?

Anyways, I found a lot of ways to keep myself busy for 3-1/2 hours that I was stranded at the Milwaukee Airport to keep airport boredom away:

1. Visit every single restaurant and stare at the prices. Then figure out what you want to eat and find the cheapest place. I wanted to have a breakfast sandwich for “brunch.” The first place I went to was $10! Seriously… the second place was $5. I can do that.

2. Hit the bathroom and scrub off leftover temporary tattoos. Pretty sure I looked quite ridiculous with my Justin Bieber signature tattoo and skull and crossbones tattoos on my arms heading into the airport.

{future tattoo?}

And probably even more ridiculous hanging out in the bathroom scrubbing them off.

3. Stalked Kara as she competed in the Rev 3 Quassy today… girl is amazing! She did a half Ironman — 70.3 miles — on a SUPER hard course in insane temperatures. She rocked it out! (give her a congrats on Twitter if you like!)

4. Play ridiculous phone games. Anyone else totally addicted to Candy Crush? OK, at first I thought it was kind of dumb because the levels were super easy (and I’m not good at video games, so that says a lot) but now it’s kind of hard. And I’m not good at it anymore.

5. Text everyone I know. And have like seven conversations going on at once.

6. Spend 20 minutes looking for a book at the store, only to spend too much time on #4 that I didn’t crack it open. I guess it will be a good next book after 11/22/63. It’s the new Nicholas Sparks book — haven’t read him in for-ev-er.

Even though being delayed totally sucks, the time went by pretty fast… and it kept me out of the sweltering NYC heat for a few more hours. I felt worse for our pilot. It was his birthday today and he said that New York City gave him such a nice birthday gift.

And besides, it won’t take away how amazing the weekend was with my favorite bachelorette!


P.S. Today is the last day to enter my Oppermacher giveaway! Don’t forget to enter!


What’s the longest you’ve ever been delayed?

How do you spend your time at the airport?

Favorite cell phone games?

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