After having a great time running the Mini 10K last year, I signed up as soon as I saw I could for this year’s race. It has a such an amazing history. NYRR has been running it as a woman’s only event since the late 1970s.

So I was really happy that the race was yesterday, especially after having a stressful week. I was starting to feel better from my summer cold and because of the rainy weather (ugh), we stayed in and had nachos and margaritas on Friday night.

I woke up and had a piece of toast with peanut butter, along with some grapes, when I woke up and headed to the train. I ended up getting to the start much earlier than I originally planned — oops. It was a little chilly outside so standing around in a skirt and tank was a little chilly. This meant I had lots of time to stretch…


Last year I learned a huge lesson from this race: don’t go out too fast. It’s super tempting since the elites are literally FEET in front of you. And Desi was running this year! I started out pretty well — about a 7:15 minute mile. My second mile was also really strong — about 7:20. The third mile… oof, not so good. This was in Central Park and the hills were starting to add up. I was still on track for a PR so I was pumped.

I followed my own 10k strategy and picked it up around miles 4 and 5… which got me back to my goal pace. I hit mile 6 feeling pretty good and starting to really pick it up. I thought for sure I had a PR… and ended up crossing the finish line seconds away from one! Bummer. But, I was close: 47:14. (PR = 46:59)

P.S., thank you to my speedy Saucony Kinvaras for helping me get to the finish line that fast! For the first time ever, I decided to wear “racing” shoes instead of my training shoes. I’ll save that for a future post, but let’s just say it was fun!

After the week I had, I’ll take it! Like my half marathon time, I KNOW I can do better. A faster time is out there for me and I will get it. I WILL.

Overall, it is a really fun race and a great way to bond with others. I love the camaraderie and running with all women ROCKS. I think it’s a great race to run alone, with a group or even with your mom or sister.

What do you think about women-only races?

Did you race this weekend? How did it go? 

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