When we left the city on Saturday, we totally thought we would head back early Sunday and head to the BBQ festival. But then we had an idea to extend our car rental and head to the outlet malls. YES.

I am probably one of the 3% of people that really doesn’t like shopping in the city. I am a bargain hunter at heart and have a hard time paying full price for clothes… and it’s really hard to find good deals in NYC (unless you go to Century 21… best store ever) as well as the time to shop.

So I was pretty pumped when C came up with this idea. After an amazing DMB concert (seriously, you should go if you’ve never been!), we continued our roadtripping adventure west…


And I found some awesome deals. Most importantly, running clothes deals! I got some shorts from Puma for $15:


The deals continued at Lulu where I got a running sports bra for $19.


I have heard AMAZING things about these sports bras so happy to add one to my collection. (The normal price was $58… so yeah, definitely a deal that I couldn’t pass up!)

My other amazing deals include two pairs of funky skinny jeans for $25.


To top it all off? A winter jacket for $10!! $10!!


I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who thinks about buying a winter jacket in 80* weather, but whatever! So pumped.

I also got a couple shirts and two dresses for upcoming events. A day well spent, that’s for sure!


P.S. Still looking for Oppermacher t-shirt winner! As the first winner did not come forward, a second drawing was held… congratulations Tasha at Healthy Diva on the RunPlease email me at bklynrunning (at) gmail.com to claim your shirt within 48 hours. 🙂


What type of shopper are you? Are you always looking for a deal?

Where do you find the best deals for running clothes? 


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