Guys, I have a confession to make.

I have been on a junk food bender for the past week.

So very terrible!

Everyone has their reasons why they eat unhealthy food… and why they eat when they aren’t healthy. My two biggest reasons for this are a) when I have a cold/not feeling well and b) when I’m stressed out or have had a rough day. Last week had both of those… which resulted in a lot of not-so-good eating.


Pizza (including lunch and dinner in one day… yep), ice cream, candy… you name it, I was eating it. Ugh. And the thing with eating that kind of food when you really aren’t that hungry? You don’t even feel better after you eat it. In fact, you probably feel worse.

I wallowed in the guilt and anger at myself for falling off the bandwagon. Not even falling off the bandwagon, basically falling off the bandwagon, stumbling off the road and tumbling off a cliff.

Now it’s time to climb out of shambles and move on.

This week is a new week! A fresh start! A way to kick all that to the curb and move on.

I am feeling much better after getting over my summer cold (woo!) and today I woke up with more energy than I’ve had in awhile (probably because there aren’t a bunch of junk chemicals coursing through my body…) and had a great five mile run. I topped it off with some burpees — because a workout always feels great when you add some burpees to the mix.

So, with this new week, I am back to being focused. Drinking water, running five times this week AND working on my goal to become stronger this summer. I have a fridge full of fruit and our menu planned out for the week (including this favorite recipe, yum). And hopefully get back into testing foods on The Plan (more on that later).

The biggest thing I’ve learned through the years is that when you fall off from being healthy, you can always pick it up again. Sure, you may be mad at yourself for indulging in whatever you did or skipping whatever workouts, but the great thing is once you get back into the swing of things by making ONE step in the right direction… you feel one million times better.


What causes you to stress eat? 

When you lose your way… how do you find it again? 

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