Today I tried out my new running gear and I loved it all. I did a quick four mile run so it was a good distance to make sure that it all “works.”

I think having new running gear is extra motivation in itself… half the battle of feeling good is to feel like you look good!

I realized this morning that I may have to start marathon training soon… Wineglass is early October so I think I will need to start training in the next few weeks. Last time around, I did the Hansons Marathon Method and while I thought it was a good training plan (especially for a busy schedule), I’m not sure if I’m going to do it again. I really missed doing my 20 milers — even if it was more of a mental benefit.

My favorite running plan so far has been from Advanced Marathoning.

Don’t be fooled, the cover may be old school but the information they have is so interesting and great. Basically they break down the science of running so it makes sense why you need to do different exercises.

I used this plan for when I first qualified for the Boston Marathon (by 12 seconds!) so it has a special place in my heart. It is a HARD plan and takes a lot of time, but the pay off is huge. To hit that sub-3:30… this might be the route to go.

Oh and P.S., I found some extra motivation for my strong goals this summer (thanks Tasha!).

C said that I need to be buff before I can buy this shirt… boo. Since I’m so in love with it, I will be adding it to my collection. And I guess saying goodbye to T-Rex Syndrome.


Marathoners: Favorite training program?

What’s the best shirt saying you’ve seen recently? 

Tell me! What’s your favorite thing about this week?

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