Have you seen that new commercial from the Michigan tourist bureau that talks about how we have approximately 25,000 mornings to enjoy in our lifetime? Of course, it says some of these mornings should be spent in Michigan… which isn’t a bad thing (hey it’s the Midwest! The Midwest rocks!).

But anyways, I love the idea of this commercial because it’s just a good reminder that we should live everyday to the fullest. Every morning should be a start to a great day.


This morning was definitely a great start to the day.

I did my usual loop around the park. I know, how boring. I really need to bring my camera with me one time so I can take pictures of it because it is absolutely beautiful. I personally enjoy running it when it is early in the morning because it is so peaceful — which is rare to find in a city like NYC. This morning I got out a little later, so it was busier, but still enjoyable.

In an effort to not be stuck in my typical pace, I pushed myself in this run. I wanted to run faster so I wasn’t coming back to you guys and saying “oh another easy run in the park this weekend.” There was actually a race in progress so there were mile markers. I used my mentality for 10ks to push through the run, which ended up me in a sweaty mess at the end.

I’ll take it!

These past two weeks have been somewhat of an epic fail. From being sick and being stuck on a bender, to just being exhausted (seriously, I felt like I had mono again!), I haven’t been giving it my all and I need to. Cross training has fallen to the wayside, and there have been more mornings than usual that the snooze button has won. Which is always disappointing.

This week my goal is to enjoy every morning. And to enjoy it with a great run followed by an even better cross-training workout… there’s no better way to start the day.

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Favorite way to start your morning?

Who’s racing this weekend? Tell me how it went!

What are your goals for this week?

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