The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel™.

Thanks to FitFluential, I had the opportunity to try out the Soldier of Steel workout program. Mark Twight, who is a Hollywood fitness trainer, created this workout routine to push cast and Soldiers with a unique workout plan, helping transform them into their respective roles.

This video offers an awesome preview of the workout:


I decided to *gasp* switch things up and not go for my typical park run this morning and try this workout out. I started with a Monday workout that didn’t look too bad:

Remember the saying that looks can be deceiving? Yes, very true.

I started to feel the burn around the squat jumps. I know plyometrics are so important for runners because they help us build up our speed and endurance. So feeling the burn was definitely a good thing.

When it came to the frog hops, I was like — these sound so easy. Here is the description that Mark provides in his downloadable workout packet:

Yeah, not bad, right?! By time I got to the third round, I was barely lifting my legs off the ground. I was still jumping, so it still counts! Apparently I need to build up the power in my legs.

I’ve always said that I need to spend more time not running and focusing on other workouts. This proves that I definitely need to make more time to build up other muscles and elements so I can become a better runner.


What I like about the Soldier of Steel workout:

  • I love that everything is really easy to understand. The workouts are created for you and Mark included so much great information about each exercise, so it’s really easy to pick up and do even if you aren’t familiar with the exercises.
  • He offers a good variety. I do love that you can still run (!!) as part of the routines, I think one of my problems is that I tend to think that if I’m not running and doing exercises like this, I can’t even run a little bit.
  • You truly feel the impact of the workout. I LOVE workouts where you know you will be sore the next day… nothing better! I love that this is a routine like that.


If you’d like to check out Soldier of Steel yourself (just try one workout, you’ll see), head to to download the one-month training routine, watch training videos and receiving training tutorials on more than 20 exercises. There is also info on how Mark worked with Henry Cavill to make him the “Man of Steel.”

Mark will be answering fan questions tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET from the @NationalGuard Twitter handle (follow the conversation with #TwightTakeover). So try the workout out today or tomorrow morning, and let him know what you think! I really want to know if I can get a six-pack like Clark Kent from doing this workout…


Are you a fan of plyometrics? Do you do them often?

What’s your biggest challenge in doing “different” workouts? 

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