Today reminded me of the very first time I ever ran in Prospect Park. I remember it was PACKED… well, at least in my mind it was. Remember I came from St. Augustine, FL where I was the only runner on the road. I was lucky to see a walker or biker along my way. Usually it was me and the pelicans.

Anyways, that first time in the park… I swear there were at least 200 runners! It was such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by people who “get it.”

Today was the same way. I felt like people were like “summer is here!” and hit the streets to get their run on. It looked like a CrossFit box took their workout outside because there were big tractor tires, ropes, etc. Of course, it can get a little frustrating if you come by someone who doesn’t know path etiquette… but it’s fun to be out there with the rest of the running community.

I decided to finish my run by running to the grocery store… I love doing this because I feel so efficient. There was a HUGE sale on every fruit that you can imagine. Which means that I had to stock up:


My favorite part of summer! I also used the watermelon bin as a mini-arm workout because of course the one with the yellowest belly was alll the way at the bottom. I may or may not look like a crazy person when I hit the grocery store after running.

And because I know you need your cat fix for the day:


Do you run errands after working out?

Do you like when you are surrounded by runners or solo on your runs? 

What are your favorite summer fruits? Tell-tale signs that “SUMMER IS HERE!”?

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