Yesterday I think I had one of the most amazing days since we moved to NYC. Two of our friends (from my favorite t-shirt shop) who used to live here are here visiting, which is awesome because they know exactly where they want to go while they are here.

We started the day at Pies N Thighs in Williamsburg. If you come here to visit, you must come to this place. It is absolutely incredible.  Definitely not the healthiest you can eat (they serve food like chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy) but so worth the splurge. Afterwards, we decided to tour rooftop bars in the area.


Since it’s on the Brooklyn side, that means you get unbelievable views of the city. Which is always awesome.


The day was absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect weather (even though it sprinkled for like 10 minutes at one point). Just one of those days that asks you to enjoy it the way it should be… outside and with great people.


We finished our night off with some BBQ at Fette Sau. They have really good food… and these amazing pickles!


Now it’s back to reality (I think I use this phrase every Monday)…

I decided to take today as a rest day (the bad trend continues). I also have a new goal that I decided to work on! By the end of summer, I want to do a pistol squat in each leg. C taught me how I can practice this and my hip muscles were sore for two days! I only did three practice ones, not even close to being as close to the ground where you need to be. I have a lot of work to do.


What was the favorite thing about your weekend? 

Can you do a pistol squat? 

Have you set a new summer goal? Tell me about it!

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