The heat streak continues in New York City, which means more hot weather running. Yesterday I shared why you want to run in hot weather — there are actually a lot of great benefits. Today is all about how to run in hot weather… here are my top five tips.

1. Wear the right gear. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone for a run and underestimated the weather. I am notorious for doing this in cold weather (what, running in shorts is not a good idea when its 20*?) but have also done it in hot weather. Make sure you check the weather before you go for a run to see what the temperature is, and more importantly the heat index. This will tell you what the actual outdoor temperature is and give you a better idea of what you should be running in. I swear my blood is just warmer than usual so I run in tanks from 60* and higher most of the time.

My favorite summer running tank is similar to this one from Under Armour. It is SO light and comfortable, I love how it’s flowy and doesn’t stick to my skin. Definitely don’t invest in a black one for the summer heat… lighter colors are better. I also love wearing these running socks from Nike. They are on the expensive side, but they have lasted me a few years and I can tell a difference in how cool my feet are on my run.

And… don’t forget the sunscreen! So important.

2. Run in the AM.
This one is tough. If you aren’t a morning person (me!), it is super hard to get up early in the morning to get your run in. For me, the biggest thing is getting my feet on the floor. Then I’m fine. I found that gradually adjusting to an earlier running schedule was better than starting cold turkey. Start to integrate morning runs into your schedule… you’ll thank yourself.

3. Drink water before, during and definitely after.
If you are running 10 miles, 5 miles or even 3 miles — drink water. Bring it with you on your run or be sure there are areas to stop to drink along the way. I know it sounds ridiculous, a short run shouldn’t require water. But when you are running in hot weather, it DOES. I have learned my lesson plenty of times (apparently once isn’t enough). I love to refuel with Nuun after a run because it gives me extra electrolytes which is so important after a toasty one! And well, it tastes really good too.

{a little slice of heaven after a hot run}

4. Slow your pace
. This one may sound crazy, but honestly, it’s better to go at a slower pace than you would in ideal conditions. I had a coach once tell me that when you run, it feels like it is 20* warmer for your body. This is INSANE. Keep your body happy by running at a slower pace. Even slow to a walk so you can slow your heart rate down and give it the break it needs. Mentally, this can feel like a failure but it’s not. It’s running smart, which is always more important.

5. Know when to skip outside runs.
There are times when it is really too hot. It depends on what part of the country you are in because we are all acclimated to different weather. My run of thumb is that if it’s over 90* — so my “feels like” for my body would be 110* according to my coach — that is just wayyy too hot to even attempt a run outside. And if there’s humidity on top of that? No way.


Even if I can run in shade or if there is a breeze, I know that this is my limit. Instead, I work out indoors with some interval training. You can also choose to run on a treadmill. Or go swimming and cool off!


Any other hot weather running tips? What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from running in hot weather?

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