I just need to share this awesome BuzzFeed post that talks about the worst things about living in New York City in the summer. The ones that are SO TRUE:

  1. Hot garbage smell
  2. The street puddles that never dry, even in 90-degree weather
  3. Getting on the one subway car without air conditioning
  4. Not being able to make any food because turning on your oven or stove turns your apartment into a burning hellscape
  5. Only having air conditioning in your bedroom so the bathroom is like a sauna


These are the things they forget to tell you when you move here. Summers are definitely a different beast here. I remember wearing JEANS in the summer months when we lived in Florida. Here? I can’t even fathom wearing a skirt and a top (dresses only) because it just seems way too hot. Honestly, the second one — street puddles that never dry — I will never understand. Maybe it’s too humid for them to go anywhere?

But that’s OK. There are other summer things that are completely worth it. The rooftop bars here are incredible. Here’s a view of the city from one we went to Brooklyn this weekend (it looks even better in real life):


And on days when it’s not like 100*, like a normal temperature of low 80s with a breeze, it really is beautiful.

Either way, mornings are a great time to run here in the summer. Even today, when it’s supposed to be super hot, it’s low 70s for the morning run. This may sound too warm, but with the breeze and the shade, it isn’t too bad.

The thing I loved this morning on my run is the clarity you get when running. I am not sure what makes it such a great stress reliever. But I feel like every time your foot hits the pavement, it makes things makes a little bit more sense. Even if I feel really overwhelmed or upset by something, hitting the road for even a few miles makes life seem so much better and easier.


Least favorite things about summer in your area? BEST things?

Any theories why running is such a great stress reliever?

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