I found this video on Runner’s World and it is hilarious. It shows people’s running styles, in slow motion, as they run to catch a train.


This is something I see everyday in NYC and let’s face it… I’ve been part of it too! I have been part of The Stampede, which is always fun. I think they should have added one that is “walking so fast it looks like you are running” because that would be how every New Yorker walks.

I made a really important decision last night. I decided that I am going to start marathon training on July 8! Wineglass here I come…


And today is a really exciting day: It’s Friday. And this is exactly how I feel today:


That’s because I have a fun weekend adventure planned (poor C has to stay back in the heat) which I will give you details on next week. YAY!


Do you run to save time/catch a train?

What are you looking forward to this weekend? Who’s racing?

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