I cannot believe it is July already! Where in the world has this year gone…

It has been a good year so far with several ups and downs. I am looking forward to the second half of this year because (not to foreshadow!) lots of big changes coming, and I am excited for each and every one of them. We have a TON of awesome trips planned, starting with a trip to Wisconsin for my friend’s wedding! I will definitely check to see if the corn is knee high (ever heard this saying or is it a WI thing?).

I think this is a great time to go back and look at your goals for the year and see where you stand. If you haven’t accomplished as much as you like, no problem – treat this as the start of the rest of the year (because that’s what it is) and get moving. I haven’t completed as many goals as I would have hoped at this time of year. But that’s OK, I still have 132 more days to get them all in.

This weekend I was a little MIA because I was in Connecticut taking a course with Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). I tried to convince C that it would be a really awesome way to spend his weekend, but he wasn’t convinced. So I navigated myself up there…



…old school style. It really is kind of hard to navigate and drive when you don’t know where in the world you are going. Oh, and dealing with psycho Northeast drivers.

Anyways, I wish I wouldn’t have been such a slacker because the place we had the course at was absolutely beautiful with lots of green grass and trees. It was the perfect place to enjoy a weekend outside of the city.

Can you believe that we talked about running for like 20 hours and I feel like I could still talk about it for four more days? I learned so many interesting things about the sport. The thing with running is that there is always something new to learn – a new philosophy, some new research. And it is amazing to hear how different everyone’s perspectives are.

Really it was quite an amazing weekend and I am sad that I can’t continue this long conversation throughout the rest of the week. It was also awesome because of course, when you get a group of runners together… what do you we have to do? Run. Duh. I got to try out my new Wave Sayonara shoes from Mizuno:


More on these later this week but they were awesome to run in! Besides, I’ll never say no to hot pink anything.


How are your goals coming along this year? What are you doing for the 4th?

Do you think you would ever get sick of talking about running? 

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