I think one of the big debates is whether runners are selfish. If you’re a runner, you’re probably rolling your eyes right now like come on, really? But if you are a non-runner, you are thinking that yes… this could be true.

Look at a runner’s schedule and personality. We HAVE to get our runs in, no matter what. This often means that we miss out on other things. Happy hour after work? Oh sorry, I have to run. Can you run an errand before work? Not really… I need to run. All-day Saturday festival? Well, I can go after my long run. 

To us, it’s fine. But to our family and friends, it may seem like we are choosing running over them. And then there’s the whole racing thing. That takes up a lot of time in itself… and as runners, we just assume that everyone wants to be on the course cheering us on.

{what do you mean you don’t want to make Boston an annual family vacation?}

For parents, there’s even more criticism. You are such a bad parent for going out to run! How do you work all week and then on the weekends, not even spend time with your children? 

But then you look at the benefits of running… the high fitness levels mean we are healthier, and can better take care of our families. There are emotional benefits of running, too. We get time to ourselves, to clear our heads and work through stress. This means that when we are spending time with our family and friends, we are able to mentally be there to support them instead of thinking about something that’s bothering us.

On the outside, yes, it may look like runners are selfish. But no matter your reason for running, it makes you a better person and that is a selfless thing in itself.


What do you think? Are runners selfish?

Have you received criticism for running/not spending time with family or friends?

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