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The other day I received an awesome package in the mail (isn’t getting mail the BEST part of the day?! It seriously bummed me out for the first 1-1/2 years that we lived in NYC because my husband always got to get the mail…)…

…the soon-to-be released Mizuno Wave Sayonara! I feel so lucky to be one of the first people to try out these new shoes. As soon as I opened up the box, I was in love.

PINK! Lots of PINK! Who can’t love that?!

I love these because they feel like they have a lot of cushion (which is what I need) and they are still really light. You honestly feel like you are flying in these babies!


Anyways, I figured the best way to try out super fast shoes is to do a super fast workout. What’s a better way to run fast than with a fartlek? Plus it’s so fun to say.

Fartleks, which literally means “speed play” in Swedish, are a great running workout for runners of all levels. Basically you set how fast you run… and how often you run fast. So whether you’ve been running for one month or 111 months, it is definitely worth it to build it into your training.

So why do them? They will make you a faster, more efficient and stronger runner. It will help you build your fitness. All of these are great, even if you aren’t training for a race.

And then you can look like this when you run:


So to celebrate the speediness of the Mizuno Wave Sayonaras, I created this fun fartlek:


In less than 45 minutes, you can complete a pretty tough workout. Enjoy!


Do you like running fartleks? What is the average time you spend working out a day?

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