I told you last week that we were going to be back in Wisconsin for a really fun weekend. Like always, it was an amazing weekend packed with a lot of really fun stuff. This time, we brought our good friend Ed with us… he’s born and raised in New York City so you know a country weekend was going to be interesting for him.

We started the weekend by heading to Green Bay for the rehearsal and to grill out. Afterwards, we went to the Green Bay Distillery for the rehearsal dinner which was pretty awesome.

The place is literally a block from Lambeau Field so we got to stare at it all night long. Along with fireworks shows from several parts of the city.

Friday was the wedding day! It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and the bride was stunning.

Congrats again, Amanda and Cam!

After the wedding, we headed back to my hometown to hang out with my family for the weekend, which included my mom’s “Summer Splash Party” at the lake.


I learned some important things this weekend:

1. If you know you won’t have time to workout over the weekend, don’t pack your clothes. It will just make you sad and feel bad about yourself because you can’t make it out to run or exercise. I skipped packing the running shoes for one of the first times in a long time and I’m so glad I did.

2. Tubing will make your arms hurt really bad the day after. If I became a professional tuber, I would have the best pipes ever.

3. Bringing a New Yorker to WI really makes you realize that some things aren’t that normal. Like how everyone mounts their deer heads and hangs them in their living rooms, so not normal. Or how woodticks are the worst part of the woods (especially for dogs)… and the fact that deer roam around wherever they want to go.

4. After spending  a weekend in air conditioning… our non-AC apartment feels even hotter.

5. There aren’t many things better than my mom’s homemade lasagna followed by my sister’s homemade peach pie.

6. My brother-in-law and nephew may put on one of the best fireworks shows around.

7. Chicago Fire is definitely in my top 3 favorite shows.

8. Mountain Dew just tastes better in Wisconsin.


Your favorite thing about this weekend?

What are some things unique to your state that surprise other people?

Chicago Fire fans? That show is unbelievable!!

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