Today is the first day…

of the rest of your life.

So live it well. 🙂

It’s also the first day of marathon training for the Wineglass Marathon which is October 6. WAHOOO!!!!!

This gives me about 13 weeks of training. It’s a little shorter than I would have wanted it to be but with this weekend’s festivities, I knew it was better to hold off instead of stressing myself out for not working out at all last weekend.

I am still in the process of formulating my training plan this time around. My main goal is to run that sub-3:30. I WILL do it!! I have been aiming to do this since I ran that 3:31.44 at ING NYC Marathon in 2010. This is three years in the making.

And I must say it makes me sad that it’s been that long since I’ve had a PR in the marathon!

This means I need to dust off an old favorite.

I LOVE this book. The training philosophy works so well for me. Remember how I did Hansons Marathon Method for Boston? I thought it was an interesting concept and approach. I think it helped me build my confidence in that I now know I can run pretty much every day of the week without worrying about getting hurt. But, I don’t think it was the right fit for me.

Advanced Marathoning kind of has an old school approach. VO2 max, strides, long runs… all of the traditional aspects that help you get faster.

Today I kicked it off with a easy 5 miles in the park… which was fun because my arms. are. so. sore. Who knew tubing was such a workout?! Literally every step that I took, my arms were burning… like painful burning. Ouch.


Anyone else training for a fall marathon?

Favorite training plan? What “works” for you?

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