I always loved playing”would you rather…” when I was younger. Even if it meant the questions were like “would you rather eat 1,000 packets of ketchup or three live crickets.”

Here it is… runner edition!

Would you rather…

…run in snow or rain?

I would rather run in snow, no questions asked. Although I’ve adjusted to running in rain within the past few years, it still isn’t my favorite. I like snow because it means cooler temperatures and you don’t feel like you are getting soaked the entire time. Plus, it is so beautiful.


…run in 89* or 8*?

Definitey 8*! I am not a warm weather runner… I’ve gotten better since living in Florida but I find that it’s really hard on my body. I think there has to be something about Scandinavian blood where we don’t process heat as well or something!? My high school cross country coach had said that your body feels 20* warmer then the outside temperature when running. That being said, I would rather feel like 28* than 109*! Eesh.
…run with music or without?

No music! I know… crazy, right?! I used to run with music and then when I trained for the Twin Cities Marathon, I read that you couldn’t run with music. I don’t even think iPods lasted for that long back then HA. I decided to skip the music and have been running without it ever since.


So what do I do when I have those immensely long runs? Think. A lot. I like to do math in my head (weird, right?!) so I’ll figure out what I would do if I won the lottery. A lot of the time, I just zone out and don’t really think about anything… which works too.
…do a long run, fartlek or tempo run?

Funny story. This weekend I was super tired from all the festivities and we were going to play Farkle, a Wisconsin dice game. Only instead of asking when we were going to play Farkle, I asked when we were going to play “fartlek.” My family thought I was sleep talking and didn’t know it was a real thing. Too much running on the brain!

When it comes down to it, I love love LOVE doing long runs.

{on a long run – Big Sur Marathon 2013}

They are so relaxing and allow me to clear my brain. I love being able to check 14, 16, even 20 miles off on a Saturday morning to start the weekend. Even though it takes up a lot of time, they are my favorite.


Choose one (or all!) and tell me what you would rather do. 

Did you play this game when you were younger?

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