It is funny how even though New York City is such a huge city, sometimes it feels like such a small town. Last night when I showed up to Lulu for my CrossFit workout, guess who I saw! Erin who I ran Ragnar with! It was such a pleasant surprise and seemingly so random. I love moments like that!

Back to the CrossFit. The class was put on between Lululemon and a new CrossFit box called Brick NYC.


We ran from Lulu to the West Side Highway where we did some dynamic stretching. Have you ever done the Frankenstein stretch? Well, I’m absolutely terrible at it. Apparently long distance running does not equal flexibility.

From there we split into groups of three and did some short-short-long intervals. These were HARD and fun! By my third sprint, my quads were burning. Then it was on to Part B. We partnered up (I chose Ed) and were told that we had to do the fireman carry for our partner (!!!) and after dropping them off, while they ran to the end of the pier and back, we had to do burpees with step ups.

I found a new partner. And actually did the fireman carry! #Strong

{is it just me or does the drag look harder than the first two?}


I love doing workouts like these! It’s so fun to meet other people in your community and learn new techniques… plus to push yourself! The best part is that they are free. Check out your local Lulu store or running store. CrossFit boxes tend to have free classes too.


Do you participate in community classes like this? Why or why not?

Ever done the fireman carry?

Favorite “treat” meal after working out?

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