Last night I braved the heat and decided to make a huge batch of my favorite dinner…


Stir fry! One of my favorite ingredients are the mini corns. I am not quite sure how these exist and where they are grown, but they are so delicious. A little punch of corn in each bite.

My favorite way to make this dish is to cook up the chicken with some water. I then add all the cut up vegetables and allow to simmer while the rice cooks. Last night I added a few new vegetables: broccoli, carrots, red pepper, mini corns. I loved the extra pop of the red pepper and think I’ll keep adding it in the future. I also tried some stir fry sauce for some easy flavor. I need to figure out how I can do it without cheating.

So this weekend is the MLB All-Star 5K.


It is in Prospect Park so of course I couldn’t resist signing up. I am definitely not in 5k shape but hey, maybe I’ll PR? I must admit I’m slightly sad that 2013 is more than half over and I still have yet to PR in anything this year. What is the deal?


What are your favorite vegetables to add to stir fry?

Have you PRed this year? What distance? How much faster did you get?

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