Today’s MLB All-Star Game 5K was the first 5K I ran since we lived in Jacksonville (if you don’t count last year’s Color Run). I forgot how fun of a race they are!

I really love that MLB donated all proceeds from the All-Star 5K to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.


I think they are also giving $1 million in addition to that, too. Which is awesome. I feel like people give a lot of money right after a natural disaster, but after six, seven or eight months… something else has come around and it’s been forgotten.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for the race today. When I got to my favorite park (Prospect Park in Brooklyn), there was a HUGE mass of people headed for the start line. Like a ton. I couldn’t believe there were so many people for this race!

The start was a little bit more fun than other races because of these guys:



Yep, the mascots were roaming around getting half-sleep runners to laugh… it was awesome. I think this should be a requirement for every race. (Although I do think the Astros mascot could use a good grooming… just saying.)

As for the actual race, it was about 90 percent humidity this morning (!!!) so I knew it was going to be a bit tough. The good part is that I know the course a little too well… 🙂 When we started, I felt like we weren’t moving that fast and briefly started panicking that I was going too slow. It was a 7:23 mile… I’ll take it.

The next mile was a lot more challenging as that’s where the big hill hits in Prospect Park… like really big, goes on forever. My second mile was over 8 minutes… oof.

With the hill behind me, it was time to kick it into gear. The last mile or so was great, a few small uphills but mostly downhills. I ended up finishing in 24:00, which is 41 seconds off my PR! Not bad, not bad.


Anyone racing today? What are your running plans for the weekend?

Are you a baseball fan? Fav team? Will you watch the All-Star Game?



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