This was one of those weekends where I got a TON done! I love weekends like that…

After yesterday’s 5k, C and I headed up to Grand Central to hit up Swatch for some new watches. I really love the one I picked out:


I love that it has a stopwatch capability… so if I’m ever on the track randomly, I’ll have a stylish timer. It’s different than any other watch I have and so funky! I love anything funky. And bright.

Speaking of bright colors, I also window shopped some shoes at Foot Locker and how awesome are these Brooks?


I later bought some Glycerin 10s since it’s been awhile. You remember my shoe drama? I think that it’s finally ended with these shoes. Although I do have lots of other pairs that are great for cross training, sprints and walking:


You can never have too many running shoes, right?

I also signed up for another race:


I ran this race last year and loved it so much, I knew I couldn’t miss it. Our travel calendar is packed so I’m taking advantage of any opportunity to race while we’re home.

And I created a training plan for my mom. (I told you it was productive!)


She isn’t training for anything in specific, but wants to start running. I am planning on building her up really slowly. She is a newbie and I think something important for people just starting out is to ease into working out. It’s so easy to be like “YES! I am going to start running!,” run an hour a day for six days, and then quit because it’s too much work. I think that by starting slowly (15 minutes a day) you can learn how to build it into your daily schedule and be more successful.

So why am I such a smartypants about training all of a sudden?

I am one step away from being an RRCA Certified Running Coach! I officially passed my certification exam on Saturday and am in the process of securing my First Aid/CPR certification. Once that’s in my hand, it’ll be official! Once that’s the case, I will be launching online training services. As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions… I love hearing how your running is going!


What’s your favorite watch style? How many do you have?

When’s your next race?

Are you First Aid/CPR certified? 


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