I am a really big cheater when it comes to countdowns. We leave for our wonderful nine-day vacation in Wisconsin on Friday…

{my primary form of transportation next week}


Any logical person would probably tell you that the trip is three days away. Some may say that it is two days away.


In my mind, the trip is only one day away. Today doesn’t count because I’ve already knocked a couple hours out… and Friday definitely doesn’t count since we will be in Wisconsin by the end of the day! So really… one day to go.

And that day is going to be pretty awesome because Beth organized a super fun runner happy hour (if you’re in NYC and want to come by, let me know! I’ll give you the details). I was so bummed when I missed out on this earlier this summer.

Speaking of incredible women, did you see the article in Runner’s World about how amazing women are?


Yep, we pretty much rock.

I think this is really interesting:

“In our study we show that individuals, if asked to run at a high intensity, will select an appropriate pace or intensity to produce an optimal cardiovascular and metabolic workout. Without having any feedback about their data, all the participants had to use to set their pace was how they felt during and how recovered they felt.”


Running intervals or on the track for the first time can be overwhelming… mostly because it’s like what pace do I run?! But it’s interesting how your body just kind of figures it out for you… and after one or two track/interval workouts, you are an old pro and know your splits like nothing.


How do you do your countdowns? Anyone a cheater like me? Anyone believe in NOT counting down?

Do you think intervals or track workouts are intimidating?

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