Yesterday it was a little scary when I was running… I saw a runner in an ambulance. When I was headed to the park for my two loops, I heard and saw the ambulance go into the park. And when I got in there, saw a runner in the ambulance getting her pulse taken.

That being said, run smart in hot weather. Some quick tips:

  • Wear light clothes. This morning and yesterday I saw so many people wearing capris, long-sleeve shirts, etc. I get that it helps to increase your sweat = better weight loss. But this is not a time to mess around… wear light clothes, both in terms of touch and color.
  • Remember the sunscreen! There are several great sport sunscreens that don’t drip or move because of sweat. Put some on, especially if you are headed out later in the day.
  • Bring water. Even if you are running one mile, bring water! Or know where there is water on your route. At the very least, drink water before you run.
  • Slow down. I don’t care what your training plan says or what goal you have, SLOW DOWN. Your body is working really hard in the heat so make sure to slow it. If you must do a track or speed workout, do so earlier in the morning as it will be cooler than any other time of day.
  • Know when to stop. Don’t try to push yourself to get a workout in if you aren’t feeling well. If you feel dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous or simply not right, stop running and take a break by stopping and stretching or walking.


When we lived in Florida, I didn’t follow 75% of these tips… and I would come home so disappointed from every single run (minus the fact that at 7 p.m. at night, I was getting some sweet runner tan lines). I would try to push my pace, run hard, all that jazz… and wonder why I was struggling after three miles. If I would have learned to slow my pace a bit, I could have run further and had better results.

Despite the heat, I was pumped to get out and run this morning! Mostly because of these babies:

{instagram: loramarie03}


I love running in new running shoes! I forgot how thick and comfy the tongue of these shoes are, by the way. Like you wouldn’t think that would be a good benefit… but it definitely is.

Apollo loved the package too (I think he wanted to pack himself up to go somewhere with central air… poor thing is having a tough time in this heat):


And just because Jax can’t be left out:


Any other hot weather running tips? 

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about running over the years?

How are you staying cool today? 

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