Today is finally the day that we leave for vacation! I was so excited I couldn’t sleep this morning… which is kind of funny since I’m just going back to good ol’ Wisconsin and not some super exotic place.


But, Wisconsin is still gorgeous and with how crazy life is here, I’m up for a week of non-stop relaxing at any point!

{nap time is a must when on vacation!}


The one thing I am going to keep up with while we are away is my running. This week is my first official week of marathon training for Wineglass and I can’t stop now! I haven’t even had my first official long run in yet. Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting up early to knock out 13 miles.

It’s really weird when I go to Wisconsin because I lose my motivation to run, at least somewhat. I think this is because it’s all about relaxing and I don’t want to miss out on time with my family. I usually do run a couple of times because it’s what I like to do, but definitely slacking it up is my style.

So! To stay on track and stay accountable for working out on vacation, I am going to follow this:

1. Getting up early. Yeah, who wants to get up early on vacation?! On the flipside, it just means that you can enjoy your day even longer! I’ll take that. If I get up early, I can get my run in without having to disturb the day that we have planned.

2. Figuring out my routes now. This is one of the things that I struggle with, no matter where I am traveling to. I remember when we were in Tokyo I was all like “I’m going to go run on that running path!” (we could see it from our hotel window). I tried to do it once, got really confused on how to get there, and gave up. If I would have pre-planned a bit, I think I would have been more successful. I will make sure I know exactly where I am going!

3. Telling everyone I am going to do it. Not only telling you guys, but telling my family that I am going to run… that helps keep me accountable! I won’t be as big of a slacker if I know I have to go through the embarrassing conversation of “well, why didn’t you run?”

4. Convincing my nephew to come with me. My nephew usually likes to bike alongside me when I run and I’ll take the extra company.


Last year I tried to get him to along but he was sleeping so good I didn’t want to disturb his sleep. This year, he’ll be my buddy to keep me accountable.


My reward at the end of the day? We get to run the Packers 5k after we return from our time at the cabin! The race is next Saturday and it is going to be so awesome to finish in Lambeau Field. I think that’s a great incentive to keep trucking throughout the week! (Oh and did I mention, the temps are supposed to be in the 70s all week?! Score!)


Do you workout while you are on vacation? What’s your strategy to find the time?

Tell me! How many miles are you running this weekend? 

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