Today’s guest post is brought to you from my dear friend Kimmy who blogs over at AfterGlobe! Her and her husband have an awesome goal to pay off all their debts and travel the world… amazing! Enjoy!

In order to travel, many people believe that it’s a luxury that requires spending a great amount of money. However, travel does not have to mean emptying your bank account or charging the equivalent of next month’s salary to your credit cards. There are many budget-friendly options to help you travel to your next marathon or dream destination. All while staying within your budget.

First things first; do your research. It doesn’t matter your desired location, one of the most important parts of traveling on a budget is to do your research on your desired destination.  For accommodations, be sure to look up at least four different travel sites to find out what the most competitive rates are. Don’t forget about renting houses or condos through sites like Airbnb. Make sure to also look up the prices at hostels. Hostels have come a long way with private rooms, and are usually available for a bargain price. You are only looking for a place to sleep; as long as the place is clean, it doesn’t have to be first rate.

{Even before you book your trip, do your research to find the best prices}


Once you have your accommodations arranged, do the same for your travel transportation. Not only check with at least four travel sites, such asKayak, but also check individual websites like Southwest and JetBlue because many companies’ prices are not included on travel sites. Be flexible when making your travel arrangements and you could possibly save hundreds of dollars on your flight. Shop around and compare.

For even cheaper rates, consider getting a travel rewards credit card. When you first sign-up for a travel rewards credit card you will receive a bonus that’s usually good for one round trip plane ticket. Use that travel rewards card to accumulate even more mileage. You have to spend money anyway, so put it to work for you while you shop, pay bills, and travel by getting you miles. If you travel at all, there is no reason you shouldn’t have a travel rewards credit card.

Before you leave for your trip, tap into your social media network. Post a status update on Facebook or send out a tweet on Twitter, letting your friends know where you are going and that you’d love their recommendations on the best cheap eats and free things to do. If your friends don’t have any tips to share with your, chances are they will know someone who does.

{Eat like the locals to save money while traveling}


One of the biggest travel expenditures while traveling is eating. Especially, touristy destinations. To save your pennies, eat better and have a truly authentic experience, eat with the locals. If an eatery is filled with local people, you can count on the food to be tasty and affordable. Food trucks or carts are another delicious budget option. They usually offer quick and local favorites at a fraction of the price. Look them up on-line to find out their hours and where they will be located.

Another great way to save some cash is to pick up in-season foods at a framers market or local markets. It’s the perfect way to put together a low-cost and easy meal. Buy a bottle of sparkling water, some fresh fruit, a baguette, cheeses, and meats to throw together a gourmet picnic to take with you on your day of free sightseeing. Shopping at local markets will not only save you some green, but you will also be contributing to the local economy.

Spend your days walking and using public transit to see free sites and budget attractions. You don’t need to shell out the big bucks every day for a rental car or cab rides. Research where you will be visiting to find out more about their public transportation system. Many places have inexpensive metros, trains, and bus options. You can even purchase all day passes for around $5 in most cities. That’s a huge savings!

{Free activities like snorkeling are a great way to stretch a buck}


You can learn a lot about a place without spending too much money. Visit the tourist information center in the area to find out what free attractions are in that city. To save money on attractions with admission inquire about city passes. They can save you a bundle and are often times just a little more than what the price of just one attraction would cost you.

Look up museums and other attraction on-line, before you go, to see if they offer any free admission days or other bargains. If all else fails, do a simple search on-line for free things to do in that area. You’ll have a lot more fun sightseeing by foot locally for free than from behind the expensive glass of a tour bus.

With some research, a little planning, and the above tips, your travel destination should be within reach. So read up, pick a place and get to planning. All you need to do now is pack your bags!


Kimmy Hayes is the founder and editor-in-chief of AfterGlobe; a site on becoming debt free and traveling the world as a married couple. She is passionate about traveling to experience new cultures, snorkeling the waters of the world and reading with her toes in the sand. You can follow along with AfterGlobe on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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