Thank you for all of your kind and encouraging words after yesterday’s post! It’s a huge leap of faith, but one that I have been considering for months. The timing feels right and I’m ready to just go for it! I’m a millennial after all. 😉


This morning I woke up to my alarm and told myself “just one more minute.” Next thing I know, it’s 20 minutes later… and I’m still telling myself “one more minute.” I swear, the whole moving your legs off the bed is the toughest part of getting up. I am not quite sure why it is so difficult… something to work on.

Instead of being a rest day like it has been for the past few weeks, it was a recovery four mile run. The first time I followed this training plan, I remember looking at the recovery runs and being like who needs THAT? But they are so important! Even if it feels silly to run at a super slow pace when you are used to pounding out the miles at race pace or faster, you need to do it!

There are benefits to these runs (which some call junk miles) — from Runner’s World:


Training stress is what tests your fitness boundaries (aka leaves you exhausted after a run) while running volume is the belief that the more you run, the fitter you become and the better you get. You need both of these if you want to get faster. Of course, you can’t stress your body on a daily basis… so that’s where the junk miles come in. Easy miles that help you get more efficient.

So I am eating up these junk miles at a pace they should be run!

I am bound and determined to break 3:30 at Wineglass Marathon in October… and another way I’m going to do that (which I’ve been babbling about for weeks!) is strength training. This morning I stumbled across the August squat challenge from Race Addict:



I’m in! Looks like a great way to build up power in my legs. 250 squats by the end of August does feel somewhat intimidating!


What is your biggest challenge when it comes to getting up in the morning?

Are you a junk mile fan? Do you run too fast on “recovery” days?

Are you signing up for any challenges in August? 

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