If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that one of the highlights of my trip back to Wisconsin was the 2013 Packers 5k.

Spoiler alert: It was a TON of fun and even better that my whole entire family participated in it!

As you can tell, C was thrilled.


My nephew was much more excited for the event.

When we arrived at the stadium, there was lots of green and gold everywhere. We did same day race pick up (I forgot how nice it is to drive to a race to stow your goodies!) and hung out in the parking lot for a bit. My family registered as walkers but I put C and I in wave 2 (7:00-9:00 miles). I made a pact with my 10-year-old nephew that we would run together (and convinced him that it would be way more fun to run the entire time), so I snuck him into the wave with us (I know, so against the rules…). We decided that us three would run together as long as we could, and C and I tried to tell Brayden that you need to run slow at the start.

When the horn sounded, we started out together. Brayden was doing pretty well, until he shouted “hey! There’s an old grandpa passing us!” and sped up a bit. C started trailing behind while Brayden surged forward… so we said adios to C, and headed off.

It was about a mile into it and we were maintaining our pace. Brayden’s cheeks were starting to get rosy but he told me he was fine. He took a swig of Gatorade like a pro (seriously, he needs to give me some tips) and went up a pretty big hill. He was still staying strong!

When we got closer to mile 2, I could tell that he was struggling a bit. He was putting his hands on his hips but when I asked if he wanted to slow down, he said “No (gasp) I’m (gasp) doing (gasp) good (gasp).” He’s the boss.

Now’s when the fun part came around: we were finally able to see the stadium! We ran in through the tunnel (AMAZING, I must admit I choked up a bit knowing the legendary players that have made this same trek) and went once around the field. We saw ourselves on the Jumbotron! That was pretty cool.

Side note, when my dad passed through, he stepped on the turf just to be able to say he did.


And then he got yelled at.

Anyways, it was back out through the tunnel and we were nearing 2.9 miles. We turned the corner and could see the finish line. We made a deal before the race that we would cross the finish line together, holding our hands up in the air (I hope the photogs got a good one of this!).

We finished in 26:33, averaging 8:33 minutes per mile! Unbelievable! My nephew knocked it out of the park with a phenomenal race and it was AWESOME to run with him. Definitely something I won’t be forgetting for a long time. And now, I may have some grounds to start convincing him to join cross country and track when he hits middle school… 😉

{my mom is hiding behind the camera in this one}

Have you ever made a race a family event? 

What do your kids/nieces/nephews/cousins think of running?

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