Last night I was in the middle of cooking dinner and watching the “Top 5 ‘This is SportsCenter'” on ESPN. I went into the kitchen to check on things and came back to this:


That jerk! Totally spot stealer. Amazing how six pounds can take up so much space. Anyways, if you’re a SportsCenter fan, you probably love those commercials (or maybe it’s just me). There are a ton of really funny ones, but this one is pretty hilarious:


I think anytime you use a mascot in a commercial, it’s bound to be funny.

Tomorrow is an exciting day because I’m counting it as my first real long run for Wineglass Marathon training! I skipped it last weekend (oops) when I was at home and the weekend before was a short-ish long run. Tomorrow is 17 miles!

Training runs help build up fitness, but it’s a really good time to try out things that you might want to use on race day. I’m sure you’ve heard it — never ever ever try something new on race day. Unless you forget to bring your gels to Boston and every place you visit is completely sold out of your brand.

I am going to try out some new socks from Swiftwick:


I have heard tons of love stories about these socks so I hope I like them just as much.

Awhile ago I was sent some Huma gels to try out:


But it was in the midst of being lazy non-marathon training so they’ve been living in my refrigerator. Anyone else keep their gels there? I swear it looks like a running store is trying to overtake half of the top shelf. Oops.


SportsCenter fans? Anyone else watch the same one multiple times (I’m totally guilty of this!)?

Do you try new stuff on your training runs? What’s the most recent thing you’ve tried and fallen in love with?

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