I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is the weekend! Even though I quit my job on Monday and the end is in sight, I felt like this week dragged by! My friend Crystal knew I was having a rough time this week and bought me the prettiest bouquet of flowers yesterday.


It’s like a slice of sunshine right in a flower.

Three things about today:


1. This morning was my first official long run for Wineglass Marathon!

It was a really awesome run, too! I loved that it was sprinkling the whole time (weird?) and I just felt really good. I tried running in some new socks that the folks at Swiftwick sent me:


I must say that I am in LOVE with these! I have never invested in good running socks (minus compression socks which are reserved for marathon day only)… I’ve always just run in what’s been around my drawer. So I must say I was little skeptical that you could tell a difference between socks. I mean, how different can they be?

Honestly, my feet have never felt so good after a 17  miler! Usually the balls of my feet are burning by time I get to the last few miles, but I always thought this was just what happened (yeah, I’m a bit blonde… haha). I am totally sold on using these forever.


2. I do not understand how this is comfortable:

He sleeps like that too. Really?


3. Today we are going to see my favorite artist in the whole world in concert… Lil’ Wayne.


Yep. I know, kinda random, right? Most people look at me like I’m crazy when I say that. He’s a really good performer and this is the third time I’ll see him in concert… pumped! We are headed up to Saratoga Springs so I guess being able to see the beautiful views there are a good thing too. 😉


Do you invest in good socks? 

Who is your favorite music artist? Any Lil’ Wayne fans out there? 

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