I just have to say the Lil’ Wayne concert was amazing this weekend. We had incredible seats and got some awesome pictures. I absolutely love this one!


I can’t believe that this is the last Monday that I’ll be heading into work to sit at a desk for 9+ hours… for I’m not sure how long. It makes me really excited that this is happening although I must admit I am a bit nervous to see how everything works out. I have been working since I was 12 years old and this will be the first time I’ve taken a “break” from having a traditional job.


This morning was a 10 miler with two loops in the park with 5 miles at half marathon pace. Which was far better than I was imagining it would be, just a really great morning to run I guess! It gave me a chance to see some of my old friends that I haven’t seen in awhile!

1. The dancer. There’s this lady who goes the opposite direction in the park and does a shuffle/run/Cha Cha… it looks like she just saw a really good dance show and can’t get the moves out of her head. She also sings the songs she is listening to out loud. You can tell she’s having a really good time and that’s what is important.

2. The super friendly guy. I love this guy. He makes me wish that I was more cheery and friendly when I pass when runners. EVERY single person that passes him… EVERY single one… he gives them thumbs up and words of encouragement. This morning, when I saw him the first time, he told me good morning and the second time he said I was looking strong. It’s just awesome for someone to be so friendly. I think he is a bit of a legend in the park.

3. The annoying boxer. I think I’ve told you about this guy before, he kind of drives me up the wall. But he’s like an annoying little brother… when he’s not there, it’s kind of weird. I haven’t seen him for six or seven months now and when I heard him yelling this morning it was like, “oh yeah! I remember this guy.” He runs and air punches the air as he shouts really random stuff like “UHH! UHH! GET IT, GET IT!!” I used to get annoyed because I would try to pass him and he would try to keep up with me, even though you could tell he was really struggling. Well… this morning he totally blew past me! I had no chance in any universe to keep pace. You go dude!


How was your weekend? What was your favorite moment?

What age were you when you started working? Favorite job? Worst job?

Any people that you regularly see? (I’ve also become BFFs with a woman that works at our grocery store… it baffles me that even though we live in a city of 8 million people, it can feel like such a small town!)

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