When you go shopping in New York City, it’s a completely different experience.

Take my trip to Target last night in Brooklyn. I was looking for a new laundry bag. I thought I was smart because I looked online before I went to make sure they were in stock. But in that three hour period, apparently half the city decided they needed to stop by for a new one, too.


I didn’t get the one I wanted, but had to take what was there. It was $5 so I doubt it will be lasting us very long. But better than nothing!

I also wanted to get some batteries, but apparently the same people who poached my laundry bag hit it up first.


So from this point, it was just a little comedic since it seemed like everywhere I looked, the shelves were ransacked as if there were an apocalypse upon us.

{Oh you wanted some waffles?}


So that’s how it feels like to shop in New York City like the residents do. Fun, huh?


I have so much more compassion for insomniacs and what they go through. I always thought it would be horrible, but never really experienced it. I’m the type of person that is sleeping within minutes of hitting the pillow. Last night? Nope. I was up until 2 a.m…. feel asleep for an hour… woke up for another hour and was in and out until the alarm went off.

Worst. Feeling. Ever.

It hasn’t hit me yet, but I’m sure it will in about 16 minutes and I will be exhausted. This will make for a fun day.

Even though I wasn’t feeling the best, I got up and went for my four mile recovery run. Let’s face it, I wasn’t going to be sleeping… so why not?

I think it was the slowest recovery run ever, but that’s the entire point. At least my legs will be happy today.


Do you love shopping at Target? Favorite thing to buy there?

How long does it take you to fall asleep at night? Have you ever had insomnia? How do you cure it?


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