One of my friends forwarded me this video of this woman who was caught on camera pooping on the run:


OK, let’s be honest… if you’re a runner… you’ve experienced this, right?! It’s taken me a lot of practice to figure out what the best fuel is before a long run so I don’t have this happen to me… and sometimes it still does, ha. It seriously is the worst feeling in the world, especially since it tends to happen on those days when are you having the best runs ever.

I must admit, that is one of the great things about living and running in New York City. There is always a bathroom nearby. You may have to take a couple blocks detour, but there is somewhere you can go. I’ve lived in places where I haven’t been that lucky, but I’ve never been as bold as this woman. But when you have to go… you go!

Considering the frequency of her having to go, she may want to reconsider her pre-run morning fuel for her long runs… or maybe become friends with the guy so she can go in his bathroom.

(My favorite really is how he is just stunned at how she always does it on her weekend runs…! Dude… run a 20 miler and then we can talk.)



After Monday night’s terrible night of sleep (thank you for all your kind words and tips!), last night was better but still not the best. I will take it though! And I did something even crazier:

I never thought that I would voluntarily set my alarm for that time. Let alone set that time to go run!

I had an 11 miler on the schedule today and was looking forward to it. Even though I am really excited to start my next adventure in life, the sooner Friday gets… the more freaked out I am getting. I think it’s just because it’s such a giant step in a completely other direction and it is kind of scary. In a good way. But anyways, there’s nothing like pounding out 11 miles on the pavement to get your head straight and calm your nerves.

What do you think about the runner? Is she in the wrong to always stop and drop on that guy’s land?

What’s the earliest you’ve woken up to run? 

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