I have to admit that I was a little “meh” for this morning’s 20 miler. I just wasn’t that excited to wake up early and pound the streets for a few hours… but of course, as soon as I got a few miles into it, it was fine. It’s that whole thing of the first step out the door being the hardest one.


(Plus I told myself I either had to do it today or tomorrow, and tomorrow will be a better day to sleep in…not sure why, but it sounded really good at 6:01 a.m.)

Someone commented on my review of the Hansons Marathon Method and brought up a really good question. He wondered why I have a mental problem with not running 20 miles in a training program, since I’ve run marathons before and can obviously do it. This really gave me something to think about it, because it is such a good point.

I feel like a 20 miler is definitely more of a mental thing. When I am running a marathon, I like to think back to my training and help me stay on track for the finish. So for instance, when I hit 16 miles, I like being able to say to myself, “Oh, all you have left is a Monday morning run! This is easy!” or when I’m a few miles away from 20 and things really start to hurt, I can remind myself of those weekend runs.

For some reason, my 20 milers are very up and down. Usually my last 20 miler of any training cycle is a disaster. Like walking for several miles, tears at home disaster. I don’t know why, but I almost need to get that out of my system to rock it out at a race.

Today’s 20 miler was one of those days where it wasn’t great. I wouldn’t even believe that my 17 miler last week was so enjoyable. I was kind of crabby for a few miles, I was hungry and then I ran out of water… plus it was a lot hotter than I was expecting.

{finished with a smile… that counts for something!}

The good? I got to wear my super cute skirt from VSX Sport and also tried a new gel.



Honey Stingers are seriously my favorite ever. You don’t even know you are taking a gel! They go down so easy.

So, even though the not-so-good 20 miler wasn’t enjoyable while I was running it, it’s something that I know will make me stronger. And on race day, when things get tough, I know I can think about it and tell myself that yes, I can plod along to the next mile marker.

P.S. Larisa at Zero to Twenty Six Point Two is giving away some Swiftwick socks! These are amazing. Definitely head over and enter!


How do you deal with a bad run? Are there any workouts you do to help you prepare mentally? 

Anyone racing today? Tell me about it!

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