I cannot believe that 10 months ago we were doing this…

It is amazing how time flies! I mean in some ways, it feels like this was forever ago… in other ways, it feels like it was yesterday. Crazy that we are only two months away from celebrating our big one year. And from jumping on a plane to Hawaii and Australia. 🙂

Speaking on how time flies… remember my promise that this was going to be the summer of strength? I was doing so well in May… June… and then once July hit, kind of fell apart. Today it was time to bring it back.

Oh well, hello there super dusty kettlebell that hasn’t been used in at least five weeks. #oops

I seriously did two different exercises with the kettlebell (these without the squats and a modified version of this) and my arms were shaking.

What is one of your summer goals that you are dominating? Any that you need to work on a bit more?

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