C made the comment to me last week that runners are mean.

I was kind of taken aback by it because I would never describe runners like that. I feel like we are a group of people that are generally very welcoming, supportive and just happy. (I think you have to be with all those endorphins coursing through your body…)

Of course, this came after I overheard a conversation of a runner telling her friend that one of her friends ran a race with her, but she was in the first corral and he was in the last… running 12 minute miles! And at least 30 minutes behind her!

Hold up. I think it’s important to remember the reason why we picked up this sport in the first place.

…it’s a sport that has no rules. Pick up your shoes, hit the road and just go. You don’t need anything special but the heart to want to do it.

…running is something that anyone can do. I tend to lack a lot of coordination so while I can play other sports, I’m not the best at them. Running makes me feel like a rockstar because I can see myself improve and am not dropping balls in the process.

the roads are always open. I absolutely love this phrase and it is so. very. true. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership, nor do you need to workout at a certain time. If you want to run at 2 a.m., you can. If you want to try a new route, there’s nothing holding you back.


…speed doesn’t matter. Of course, there are the super fast elites and the non-elites who make your jaw drop. When it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter. To me, I think as long as you are respecting the sport and having a good time, you are a runner! It doesn’t matter if you are “in the first corral” or running “12 minute miles.” You are a RUNNER.


…it helps make life make sense. It is one activity where you can zone out and not really have to think. I don’t know how many times I’ve come back from a run and thought, “what did I just think about?” These are the times when I realize it helps put order in my life and make things feel right. It gives my mind a chance to relax while my body gets to feel good.

So the next time you race or even go out for a run, and a friend/family member/dog/cat/dinosaur wants to run with you, think about it for a minute. Can you let it go for one day and just enjoy running with someone you love? Sometimes it can’t happen, I get it, we are competitive by nature. But there will be times when you can and you SHOULD. After all, you won’t always have those opportunities.


Why do YOU run?

Do you feel like runners are mean or competitive?

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