I love reading those blog posts that really make you think and give you a different perspective about things. Yesterday I was checking out Corrie Anne’s blog (have you read it? It’s pretty awesome.) and she has this series called “Wifey Wednesday.”

Her post yesterday talked about a recent book she read that talked about the importance of giving each other gold stars in a marriage. Gold stars = positive support. I totally agree about this, and think that it’s important in all aspects of life. I feel like people like to go to the negative… it’s easy. You can always find a way to pick something apart, even if you only have an issue with the smallest thing.

But finding the positive in a situation can be a little bit more difficult, especially if things aren’t going your way. Just by saying something positive, I think you can change the entire dynamic. It’s almost like it helps the clouds clear a bit from the sun.

Anyways! Back to running. I did an easy five miles this morning (I am switching my long run day to tomorrow so I had to switch up the plan a bit this week to make it work) and finished up with some abs.

{this smile was before the burn}

Usually when I hit the abs, I do a timed circuit but this morning I decided to focus on reps. I feel like sometimes when I time my workouts, I get a little lazy. “Oh I still have 40 seconds left… let me just take a bit of a break right now…”

This is how it looked:

* 15 reps: ab toe touches (I can’t find any links to this, maybe I made it up… lie on your back in a sit up position. Put your arms at your side and slide your arm down to your foot, alternate sides. Both sides = 1 rep)

* 20 reps: flutter kicks

* 10 reps: v-ups (these hurt)

I repeated it three times. Ouch.

To finish it off, a plank. And an awesome plank.


YES! I have been gunning to break the two minute mark for a few weeks now and ohmigod it burned but it was so worth it. Now… when will three happen?


Do you believe in the “gold star” philosophy? When is the last time you gave someone a “gold star”?

What pushes you more: time vs. reps?


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