Today I decided to try something new. My long run on a Friday. I tried Sunday long runs my first training plan and hated it… I was always exhausted on Mondays and Tuesdays. Typically I’ve done Saturday mornings and love it, even if I have to be a bit of a lame-o on Fridays.

I am still getting up early to maintain a schedule in my new un-traditional job, so it makes sense to do it on Fridays and to let myself (and poor C) sleep in a bit more on Saturdays. It felt a little weird to tackle such a long distance (15 miles) on a Friday, which is typically my rest day. But it was NICE. It definitely wasn’t as crowded as an early Saturday morning, which was nice but a little lonely since I didn’t get to see all my friends.

So to celebrate, 15 fun facts/thoughts/wishes/dreams:

1. I was so pumped yesterday when I did a two minute plank but omigoodness it hurts. My whole abdominal area is so sore, like I don’t even want to hurt because it hurts so bad. I think it took a good four miles for my body to warm up mostly because of that.

2. Do you get the running stupids? Because pretty sure I’m going to get them today. They always seem to set in when I run anything above a half marathon distance. So… just a warning.

3. This weekend I am racing the Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler. I ran this race last year and it’s pretty fun. I do hope I can post a PR for the 10-mile distance… but we all know my PR’s have been slacking this year.

4. I am so obsessed with all the new Nuun flavors.

Right now I’m sipping on Watermelon and it’s amazing. Almost better than the lemonade. True fact: I carry cherry limeade in my purse at all times.

5. I might get my nose pierced (again) tonight. I had it pierced for several years before moving to NYC and took it out (unwillingly) when we came here.

6. Fridays have a completely different feel to them when you have a nontraditional job. I used to dream about Friday starting on Sunday night… now it’s kind of like every day is a happy day like Friday. Like how it should be.

7. I have two more states to visit this month. Next weekend we are going to North Carolina for a wedding and the following, out to Seattle to see my BFF. That weekend will include a LOT of running.

8. C got me hooked on electronic dance music. Apparently it only takes nearly a year of concerts… hahah. Right now I am addicted to Aly & Fila. Don’t get me wrong, Lil’ Wayne is still my #1, but there is something about listening to EDM that makes me really productive.

9. I think this guy wants me to get a real job:

10. And this guy thinks it’s the middle of winter:

11. Last night I went to Kleinfeld’s with a friend for her to try on wedding dresses… it was so fun and kinda made me miss wedding planning. Weird?

I still can’t get over the fact that people will pay this much for a wedding dress… no judgment if you do, but wow:

12. Sara at Words to Run By posted an awesome recipe for chicken tacos that I tried out last night.

They were super tasty and easy to make. My poor Norwegian taste buds were crying from the heat, but they are wimpy.

13. I can’t believe that September is just around the corner (where did summer go?!) but is it wrong that I am excited to be able to wear jeans and hoodies on a daily basis? Best. Outfit. Ever.

14. I’m kind of obsessed with this picture of us:



Tell me 15 random thoughts in your head today!

Who’s racing this weekend? Do you get the running stupids?

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