I ran the Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler last year and had a really good experience. I knew that I couldn’t miss it because honestly… races in Prospect Park are few and far between so you need to run them when I can. Why you may ask? Because there’s something about being able to walk to a race start that you just really cannot resist.

I was partially using this as a training run and also hoping for a PR. I had that awesome 15 miler on Friday and a rest day on Saturday so could happen. Maybe not, but maybe so.

Anyways, I woke up about an hour for the race and pre-fueled with some animal crackers. So very healthy, right? It was actually raining outside so I wanted to stay inside as much as I could. I got to the start about 10 minutes before the race.

This race really isn’t the most exciting course in the whole world, but feeds into my addiction of Prospect Park. We did three loops around the park, which also meant tackling the hill three times. The hill really isn’t that bad since I run it each day, but it still sucks a lot of energy out of you (and doing it three times? yikes!).

I started off at a pace that I thought was OK, and told myself I would speed up each time around. I ended up running the first and second laps at nearly exact splits (just over 27 minutes each) and tried to pick it up for the last lap. I finished with a course PR of 1:21.04. I also was the 10th finisher for my age group… wahoo!

One of my favorite things were the Power Ice freeze pops that they gave after the run…


I have never seen these before but they are awesome! They are filled with electrolytes and only 30 calories. Such an awesome idea!


What You Need to Know

  • The organizers like to give away different swag each year… you won’t be getting a t-shirt from this race. This year they gave away some awesome water bottles, last year they did a pint glass and a bag.
  • There is also a relay team option. Get two friends and each person runs one lap… a fun way to do the race!
  • This race is really simple and no frills. If you want something that is all about the production, pick a NYRR race… this one is all about the running, which is exactly what you need sometimes.


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