So this happened on Saturday.

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Sorry mom. She absolutely hates my obsession with piercings. But hey, you can always take them out! I actually had my nose pierced before and took it out when we moved to NYC because I thought I needed to look more “professional.”

I really really really missed it and was sad that I took it out. I really think nose piercings are cute and fun… plus there are those clear studs to put in when you need to (as my sister says) “grow up.” So YAY!


I kicked off this morning with a nice and slow five mile run. It’s hard to believe that I am still sore from Sunday’s race but my muscles are just so tired. I have a 12 mile run tomorrow, so you better believe that I was taking every step this morning as slow as I could.

I feel like I’m in that stage of marathon training where you are just in a state of pure exhaustion most of the time. In a few weeks I’ll be talking about how I can’t wait til this is over… the viscous cycle.

After this morning’s run, I took it easy and stuck to a plank…

Wahoo! Any day I can do two minutes is a good day. Now let’s hope that my muscles get lots of rest today… my friend Ed convinced me to join him for a Flash WOD at his CrossFit Box tonight. Wish me luck…

{a dose of cuteness for your happy tuesday}

Piercings, tattoos or neither? What piercings do you have? 

How long does it take you to recover from a race? 

Do you feel like you go through “stages” when training? 

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