Last night, Ed made convinced me to do CrossFit with him. He is part of a new box, Brick New York, that recently opened. A few days a week, they do a FlashWOD that is open to anyone to join. It is a really cool idea and I love that they make it into such a fun workout.

{I love wearing the Mizuno Wave Sayonara during workouts like CrossFit… their lightweight comfort is an added bonus}

Last night we ran a few blocks to Union Square and did a warm up for 8 minutes. While one partner did air squats, the other had to run a certain distance away, do 8 push ups and frog hop back. It was HARD. But seriously, how can you not have a grin on your face when you are frog hopping?

Then came the AMRAP part of the workout. We had five exercises to do:

1- Lunges
2- Burpees
3- Push Ups
4- Mountain Climbers
5- Jump Squats
We had to do 10 of each. To make it interesting, we played tag to determine when you did the exercises. So if I tagged you, we would all stop and then have to do the next exercise on the list… and then run until the next person got tagged. It was so fun! And I never thought that I would be playing tag in Union Square (people were SO confused, it was awesome!).

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Considering I probably did 100+ push ups yesterday, my arms were shaking for the rest of the night and I knew my 12 miles this morning was going to be… interesting. I had the hardest time waking up but finally rolled out of bed at 6:30 to hit the streets.

All I have to say is it was a REALLY hard workout. Probably one of the toughest that I had in a long time. I felt like I was hitting the wall (the same wall you usually hit at mile 20 in a marathon) during the entire run. It was bad. I kept telling myself that it only makes you stronger.

And then I started entertaining myself by thinking of various ways that you can tell it’s a tough workout.

You know it’s a tough workout when:

…you make unbelievable promises to yourself just to keep your mind moving. This morning? I told myself that as soon I walked through the door, I could have a Mountain Dew. Ha, like that’s happening. #Sucker

…you want to trip every person who is walking just because they get to walk and you don’t.

…you give people the evil eye because they look like they are having fun during their workout. Oops. Sorry.

…you wish that the light would turn so you would have to stop for traffic… only for the walk sign to light up each time you hit an intersection.

…you have to use both hands to steady yourself when you climb the stairs. One for the railing, one for the wall.

…the only reason you convince yourself to get up from the floor is because you know your couch is that much more comfortable.

…as you get up from the floor, you realize that your cat’s tail makes a really good mechanism to help you up.

…the thought of eating breakfast makes you queasy, not because you aren’t hungry… but because it would simply take too much work.

…you tell yourself it’s perfectly normal to sit on the couch and stare off into space, doing absolutely nothing, because your body just needs a moment.

…you think about hiding your to do list so the only thing you have to do for the day is take a nice long nap.

When’s the last time you played tag? 

How do you know if it’s been a tough workout? What are some mental games you play with yourself to keep going? 

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