One of the things I love about blogging is the fact that it has connected me with such an awesome community of runners and fitness enthusiasts. It is so cool to have friends from all over the world and read about everyone else’s experiences.

But there is one thing I don’t like.

I really don’t like reading people’s tweets or posts and feeling like they are being mean to themselves by tearing down what they did. I see so many tweets that are like “I ran 5 miles today but I had to go slow because…” or “I could’ve ran that 4 miles faster but…” Or posts where people talk about how they ran a certain distance, but it wasn’t a good run because they did x, y and z.


You need to be saying “I ran 5 miles today and found out some great things about myself” or “I rocked a four miler that will only make me stronger”… or “I ran 17 miles today and it was AWESOME because…”

I feel like it is so easy to be negative about ourselves and instead of looking at all the awesome stuff we are doing, pick apart the most minute and tiny things. Do you know how many people can’t even run a mile? And you are rocking out a four, five, 10 miler?

In some ways, the running community is so competitive… but it’s a competitiveness that we bring on ourselves. You read about people who are running sub-3 hour marathons or about how the elites are working out, and feel like you are inadequate unless you can rock out those quick workouts and tempo speeds. Or you feel like you can’t brag about an awesome race just because you didn’t place or beat your PR/goal. Or even (this is the one that drives me nuts!) you feel like you aren’t a runner because you aren’t fast enough, don’t run far enough or haven’t done it for long enough.

So not true.

Last night I watched the Dove Real Beauty Sketches.


These make me cry every single time I watch them. I know I would be no different than any of those women in the video and in some ways it makes me sad. I always look back on pictures from months or years ago and wonder why I was so hard on myself. At the time, I picked apart everything… my hair didn’t look right, my arms a little flabby, why can’t I be a little skinnier. But when I look back at them it’s almost like looking at a different person and seeing it from an outsider’s perspective makes you see how wonderful that person is… and that person is you.

It’s the same with running. I think back to some of the races that I felt were “disappointments” and realize that there was something strong and amazing about each race. Whether I learned something or it was just an unbelievable opportunity, there is something to love about it and what I did at that time. It just takes a moment to switch gears from telling myself how I failed to telling myself how I succeeded.

So take some time today to love yourself. Give yourself a break and pat yourself on the back for the awesomeness that you bring to the world. Your run/workout/day didn’t go the way that you wanted? That’s okay… it happens. Now skip that part and tell yourself what went right and why you rocked it. Because you definitely did in some way.


Tell me! What’s one (or two or three) thing that you love about yourself? About your most recent run/workout?

Do you feel like people as a whole are too hard on themselves?

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